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Carolyn S. Klaiman, Esq., APM
Patricia E. Carney Esq., APM
Klaiman & Carney, LLP is dedicated to helping you and your family through this difficult period. Our attorneys have expertise in all areas of family law, offering you effective representation. Our attorneys are accredited mediators and are trained in collaborative divorce practice. This allows our attorneys to help you find creative and alternative solutions to your financial issues while attending to your emotional needs. Let the attorneys at Klaiman & Carney provide you with assistance through

“A New and Better Way.”

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Carolyn Klaiman and Patricia Carney specialize in family law, collaborative divorce practice and mediation. Our lawyers are accredited professional mediators and collaboratively trained divorce attorneys.

We guide our clients through the process by:

  • identifying important issues
  • focusing on client’s goals
  • offering alternatives and creative solutions
  • maximizing client’s involvement in decision making
  • minimizing potential conflict
  • emphasizing the family's needs and best interests of the children
We provide quality representation and personalized attention to clients throughout New Jersey in Bernardsville, Bridgewater, Morristown, Summit, Somerville, Chester, Randolph, Ridgewood, Wayne, Newark and the surrounding areas throughout Somerset County, Morris County, Bergen County, Essex County, Union County, Warren County, Sussex County, Hunterdon County, and Passaic County. As experienced matrimonial attorneys and divorce mediators, each lawyer encourages clients to consider collaborative divorce or mediation as affordable and expeditious alternatives to traditional divorce litigation. Our goal is to help divorcing or separating couples reach an amicable settlement without resorting to court intervention. As seasoned family law attorneys we have over 25 years of combined experience and understand the legal aspects of divorce as well as the emotional and financial toll divorce places upon the whole family.

Better Ways to Divorce

Our attorneys appreciate that your situation is unique and consider your case important. The attorneys will develop a plan taking into account your individual needs and goals as well as those of your entire family. Our lawyers will discuss your options and develop the best strategy for you. They will also help you to make an informed decision about which process is best suited for your circumstances. Our lawyers will advise you about the benefits of:


Mediation is a civilized and affordable alternative to traditional divorce litigation. It is a court-approved and often court mandated process in which a trained mediator plays a role in assisting, facilitating and encouraging parties to reach agreement. We encourage our clients to consider mediation to resolve matrimonial and other family issues and reach a fair settlement. We recommend that clients learn more about our mediation services and the benefits of hiring skilled and accredited attorney mediators that specialize in both mediation and family law.

Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative divorce is a new and better way for you to resolve your divorce issues respectfully, without going to court. You work with trained collaborative professionals who are important to all areas of your life. You and your spouse have the support, protection and guidance of your own lawyers during the process while exercising your rights to self determination by negotiating your own settlement. Additionally, this interdisciplinary approach allows you the option of using divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial specialists who work together on your team with your lawyer.
Our attorneys can also provide you with effective and personal representation in the traditional divorce setting.

Traditional Divorce or Family Law:

There are some situations when collaborative divorce and mediation are not viable options for a couple who is getting divorced. For these situations our attorneys have extensive family law experience to effectively represent you in negotiating with your spouse’s attorney on your behalf and representing you in court if your divorce proceeds as a traditional divorce. When a marriage is dissolved there are various issues that must be resolved. These domestic relations issues include alimony, child support, equitable distribution of property, custody, visitation, and parenting time. Our attorneys can also assist you in family law matters including:
  • Custody and Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Paternity
  • Grandparents' Rights
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Same Sex Dissolutions
The lawyers at Klaiman & Carney, LLP offer dedicated, sensitive representation and a commitment to obtaining the best possible results. Whether you choose collaborative divorce, mediation, or traditional divorce, our lawyers will help you to achieve your goals while keeping the best interests of your family in mind. Our goal is to help you maintain control over your future, minimize conflict, maintain dignity and respect, and ease the transition for your family during this difficult time. The emotional and financial well-being of you and your family are of paramount importance to our professionals. They will offer you alternatives to costly and protracted litigation. Our professionals will always keep you fully informed and allow you to participate in the process that will allow you to determine the outcome of your divorce. The attorneys at Klaiman & Carney, LLP want you to achieve the ultimate goals of avoiding legal battles and reaching amicable solutions. They will encourage you and guide you toward achieving a negotiated settlement prior to any court involvement. This will result in a civilized approach to obtaining an uncontested divorce.

Articles, Newsletters and Events

New Event : Patricia Carney will be a speaker and panelist at the upcoming New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training which will be held at the New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey on March 16, 2012 and March 17, 2012. The training is an introductory two-day program providing a sound foundation on the nuts and bolts of the collaborative process. The training will affirm why traditional approaches to divorce do not result in optimal lasting solutions for divorcing couples and their children and emphasize why the collaborative family law process is so effective.

New Event : Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training, NJICLE, New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey, March 16, 2012 & March 17, 2012.
1. Advocacy in the collaborative setting
In the litigation model, the parties each hire an attorney and effectively “battle” through the divorce process, often ending up in court where a judge - and not the parties - makes the decisions. The role of an attorney in the divorce litigation process has been compared to that of a gladiator who believes that the arena will allow only one victor.

2. Family Law Newsletter July 08
The importance of confidentiality in the mediation process was highlighted recently by an appellate court in Addesa v. Addesa.  The court ruled that in order for the process to have a beneficial impact, a mediator must not be subject to subpoena and the mediator's file shall not be subject to review in the context of future litigation.

Please contact Carolyn Klaiman or Patricia Carney today for an assessment of your legal situation and to discuss your family law matter with an attorney in our Morristown, New Jersey law offices.  Serving families in Somerset County, Morris County and throughout northern and central New Jersey.
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